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What is there to do in North Wales?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Ever wondered what there is to do in North Wales? Well here's just a few of my favourite places to visit...

Caernarfon Castle

With its stunning location and vast amounts of history, Caernarfon Castle makes for the perfect day out. There, you'll be able to learn all about its incredible history and explore inside the castle walls.

Caernarfon Castle is recognised around the world as one of the greatest buildings of the Middle Ages, the castle was born out of a bitter war with Welsh princes and even after 700 years it still stirs the imagination like no other Welsh castle.

There's plenty of artisan gift shops where you'll find lots of handmade items made by Welsh artists local to the area. There are plenty of classic Welsh pubs and many restaurants including greek, indian, chinese and many more.

The harbour in which Caernarfon Castle is surrounded, is a special place to see. Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the stunning sights of the castle. Across the water you'll be able to see the Isle of Anglesey and the local fisherman making there way across the Menai Straights.

I certainly recommend you take a visit to Caernarfon at night. Walking around you'll be able to see the castle and its walls lit up in all its glory.

Visit Caernarfon Castle | Cadw ( to learn more and plan your visit...

Pant Du Vineyard

Pant Du Vineyard has a gorgeous range of wines, all completely grown, produced and packaged on the grounds. The wines include... Seyval Blanc, Sigrrebe, Souvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Frühburgunder / Early Pinot Noir, Rondo.

Pant Du offer Wine tasting evenings where they will talk you through how they go about making their wines and what types of grapes they grow in order to make it. Each variety of grape was specifically chosen to work well with the soil and climate conditions of the area.

They'll teach you how to truly appreciate a good wine so by the end of the evening you'll be a wine tasting pro!

They also offer guided tours around their vineyard where you will start your tour at Pant Du Cafe where you will meet your tour guide Richard - owner of Pant Du. You'll walk to the orchard, where you will learn about the various apple trees that have been planted. Then on to the vineyard, to hear about the history and challenges of planting a vineyard in North Wales. Then you'll visit and learn about the water borehole, a chance to taste the Pant Du spring water - from 80 meters beneath the Precambrian rocks, that are over 500 million years old. Then you'll finish at the Cafe where you will sample a small tasting of the Pant Du Produce. Your dogs are welcome to join on you on this tour but they do specify that anyone who brings their dog will only be allowed to sit in the terraced area.

Pant Du Cafe offer some gorgeous food and must visit if your looking for the perfect place to enjoy a nice lunch over looking some gorgeous views...

Take a look at their local produce/gift shop where you'll find all of the Pant Du produce like wines, cider and apple juice. They also house other local produce and artisan gifts made by local artists.

Visit their website for more informtation or to book your visit ; Pant Du, Gwinllan a Pherllan

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